Online Diary

So I made this account a long time ago. For no apparent reason other than to post on a few curly hair communities. However, those were pretty inactive, so I forgot about it all. However I recently discovered menstrual_cups, and am back in the game. I think I will start using this like a real diary, only open to random internets people. Sometimes I write poetry and I think I will post it here.


Crack open a book on the couch.
Shuffle to my bed.
Makeup dispersed, contacts plucked.
In the thick of it.
Flick the light off.
Sink into cold snow.
Reach out to sadness.
Now bright again.
Worries chased away.
Pages turn noiselessly.
Dénouement of my novel.
Darkness and muddled thoughts.
Drifting into sleep.